Machine Installation Conditions

1. Site Requirements 

The installation area must be solid and flat. 

The constructed operating platform must be kept at bay from vibration sources, for example, white rice graders and polishing machines. 

The elevator should be installed before configuring the color sorting equipment to avoid damages induces by the failing hard or welding objects.

The air tank and compressor installation site must be situated away from public or crowded places to reduce possible injuries or noise pollution. Besides, the users are suggested to store the air tank and compressor in dry and ventilated place. It keeps the compressed air dry and clean.

2. Environmental Requirement

Alike domestic appliances at ambient temperatures, the color sorters need less than 35 degrees for delivering optimum performance. Therefore, the users are recommended to make air-conditioned rooms in high-temperature areas. If the color sorters are used in greenhouses, the users should keep the temperature at low of the installation area.

3. Light Requirement

Sine direct lighting can affect the color sorting process, the users should install the color sorters in dark spaces with a minimalistic lighting of a ceiling lamp. Besides, read the user manual to understand the needed lighting for optimum maintenance and operation.

4. Maintenance Space

The users are suggested to maintain an all-around open distance of more than 60 CM for allowing color sorters to have efficient maintenance and debugging.

5. Ground Wire Requirement

During the grounding process, the color sorter can prevent lighting stroke or personal damages because of current leakage, resulting in malfunctioning or abnormal operations. Hence, the users are suggested to embed the ground with wires before welding the installation platform. To avoid further interference, the users can embed the ground with resistance wires with less than four color sorters.

Installing Color Sorter

Before starting the installation process, the users must make working platform with an elevation of over 1.5 M that is efficiently levelled and welded in compliance with the color sorter size. In addition, vibration induction must be avoided during transportation or carrying to prevent any mechanical deformations. Cranes or forklifts can be used to transport the color sort. 

When the users employ a crowbar under unfavorable or impermissible conditions, the padded wood must not be removed until the machine is shifted to a near-distant platform. At this point, the machine can be placed on the platform using any hoist cranes or similar equipment. Later, the equipment level can be adjusted in 2-1000 MM proximity, using a leveling instrument. 

Now the users can configure the aggregate bin to the feeding pipe with a storage bin and flow control panel. However, the aggregate bin should not press against the color sorter. Otherwise, machine performance will eventually be affected.

Note: Mechanical faults or personal injury may be induced by improper installation.

Installation Diagram:

1. Port to the second sorting

2. Final Material Outlet

3. Rejected Material Outlet

4. Back port for raw materials


  • Size mentioned in the figure is the minimalistic installation platform size.
  • The figure is given for reference only. 
  • Installation platform size can be increased as per the needs.

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